A Case Study: When Social Media Works


Let’s say you want to get more followers on social media. “I’ll just post links,” you think. “That will increase my followers!” But that strategy doesn’t work, at least not in the long term. In this case study we’ll look at the steps taken by a brand that made social media its main focus and had success doing so. Social media management focus on quality and constant flow of content and announcements with correct information.

The goal

The goal of the campaign was to increase traffic to the website. The campaign was successful because:

  • The content was engaging and easy for visitors to digest.
  • The target audience for this campaign was people who were interested in social media, which is why it worked so well.
  • The timing of this campaign worked out perfectly—just as summer vacations were beginning, so too did our social media campaign begin gaining traction!

The execution

  • Use hashtags:
  • Include the name of your business in a hashtag and then create a unique hashtag that can be used to share content. This is great for getting people talking and sharing their lives with your brand.
  • Use geotags:
  • Geotags allow users to see where images have been taken, making them much more interesting than generic stock photos. Make sure you use as many as possible so that users can get a sense of what life is like at your company or organization. Geotags also help people connect with each other locally and meet up in person (in real life). It’s important to remember that not all geolocations are equal when it comes to reaching out over social media; if you’re trying something new, consider placing yourself somewhere more central than say—say—the South Pole! By doing this, you’ll show off the diversity of experiences available at any given location (and there’s nothing better than showing off diversity).

What makes it work

Social media is about relationships, not links.

Social media is all about engagement, not just posting links to your blog or website. This will only work if you are consistent with your posts and don’t overwhelm people with too many messages at once.

To make social media really work for you, you need to be consistent and build relationships, not just post links.

To make social media really work for you, you need to be consistent. If you’re posting links without any other commentary (and there is nothing wrong with this), it will lose its value over time. If people are seeing the same posts over and over again, they will stop engaging with them.

You also need to build relationships by being authentic, helpful and interesting. You can do this by publishing content that creates an emotional response in your audience; something they care about or find useful. And remember: being relevant works better than just trying to sound clever or funny all of the time!

If you want your content to be creative, then share something new every now and then – even if it is only once a month – otherwise people will get bored of it quickly too!


Social media is a powerful tool, but it doesn’t work if you don’t use it right. You need to be consistent and engaging, not just posting links. Think about how you can build relationships with the people who follow you on these platforms, and make sure that they understand your brand before they buy anything from you. Click here to see our engaging content for your reference.