How Good SEO Improves The Conversion Rate of Business

Every internet business needs a web presence that attracts visitors. Your SEO consultants Sydney can easily help you ensure your website is SEO compliant.

Some of the ways, having good SEO improves your business conversion rates are:

  • Mobile Friendliness

Making a mobile SEO audit of your website a vital to ensure your branding comes across as user friendly and as encourages visitors to take action.

Ensure you:

  1. Touch screen ready and responsive
  2. Have a super-fast loading speed. Loading time of more than three seconds can result in a loss of over half you visitors instantly with the majority never wanting to return
  3. Your content is legible with simple common words and plain language
  4. Your site and content is mobile compatible
  5. You’re providing a great experience for your visitors
  • Good Site Navigation

A link is a virtual gateway if you have slow links it’s like takes too long and if broken, it’s the same as locking your visitors out.

Search engines don’t like broken links and will penalize. It’s vital you keep a close watch on all your links and get rid of low-quality links. If your visitors can not get through they can’t convert and become customers.

Doing regular SEO Audits quickly finds any broken links or Custom Error Pages (404 errors), these really annoy most web users, it shows an unprofessional site and causes visitors to navigate away to other sites.

  • Website Security

It’s important that you show your visitors that your site is secure and you care about their security. Art of a complete SEO audit includes a SEO crawler search to find any instances of RL’s without HTTPS even if you already have an SSL certificate. Any images, videos or script without HTTPS will cause a large scary warning page in most people’s browsers and they will shy away from you. As this is also a search engine ranking requirement it’s likely to negatively affect your rankings

SEO Can Increase the Duration of Visits

The amount of time a visitor spends on your website is directly related to your overall conversion rates. Your local SEO Company on The Gold Coast can help you become better compliant with SEO requirements and particularly with visuals.

Using visuals is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of catching the visitor’s attention if done properly. You can get a lot of relevant information across in a few seconds of live or animated video and show visitors the value of staying on your site.

If you can keep a visitor for more than 30 seconds, you have a much greater chance of converting them to a high value customer.

A key area of SEO is having content that’s of high quality, high value, original and relevant to the keywords and theme of your site. People are either looking for a way to solve a particular problem or to be entertained and if you can do both you have a good chance of converting them into customers. Your SEO Company on The Gold Coast can assist you to create useful and informative information to encourage visitors to trust your site and company’s branding, which leads to an improving conversion rate for your business.