Top 10 Surfing Apps For Android – April 2016

For some, there is nothing better than catching waves. Although finding the right waves to catch can be the difference when it comes to surfing. Regardless of whether you are an experience surfer or a novice and looking to score you first big wave, you might be surprised to know there are quite a few Android apps that can help. Below are ten of the best surfing apps for Android that are currently worth checking out. Even on your home you can watch surf live via surf app on mobile.

Starting off the list today is the official app for the World Surf League. This is one which looks to keep you informed of all the live action from the WSL. So if you are someone who likes to follow the more professional side of surfing then this is likely to be an app worth checking out.

If you are not quite ready for the professional aspects and are still looking to perfect your skills then Surfing Lessons might be worth a download. This app looks to be a useful tool with both narrative and videos to help you improve your surfing skills and pick up a few new tricks.

For those looking for more information on where is the best place to surf at any particular time, then this app looks to fulfil that need. The app offers live streaming footage of select areas and on the scene information to make sure you know what the waves are like before heading out.

Like the last app, this one also looks to make sure you are better informed before heading out the door. However, this one takes the information on offer to another level with detailed forecasts including aspects like the swell height, wind speed, ride height, air/water temperature and more.

Need a good surfing wallpaper app to make sure that your phone sports scenic surfing imagery when away from the waves? Well, that is exactly what is on offer with this app and its nice selection of surfing images.

If you are looking for a more feature-heavy app then Glassy Surf Report & Forecast is certainly worth considering. This one allows you to customize your notifications so you can be alerted when the waves are just right (for you) at your local surf spots. Not to mention, it also allows you to track your sessions and also comes with a nice social angle too.

A number of surfers will probably tell you that bodyboarding is not the same as surfing. And it’s technically not, but it is still about catching those waves and if you could do with a surf-related game to play when away from the water, then this one is worth checking out.

Hawaii is one of those key areas where a number of surfers migrate towards specifically to surf. If that sounds like you, then Surf News Network is the app for you as this is an app which is solely focused on bringing you surf reports and wave news from Hawaii.

With Florida being another top U.S. destination for surfing, it does make sense that there would be a Florida-focused app as well. And this is it. If you want to be kept informed on the Florida surfing news and forecasts, then this is the app to go for.

Closing out the list today is another app which looks to keep you informed on all the surfing news. In fact, this one collates all the news available from various surf-oriented magazines so you don’t have to. Nice app for those looking for a more comprehensive level of general surf news.