What’s Hijacking Pilates Classes Across Melbourne? Part Two

In our first part of this two-part blog, we discussed the history and core principles of Pilates. Now, we can dive into the trend that is taking root in many Pilates studios across Melbourne, and why you should watch out for it. After physio northern beaches treatment they ensure you can maintain maximum movement, core-strength and flexibility through


As fitness bootcamps and group fitness classes increase, we have become more ready to put a dance track and some dumbbells alongside just about anything. Even Yoga, one of the most meditative forms of exercise already with it’s Vinyasa style of flow, has experienced a cultural shift as some yogi’s attempt to morph it into an aerobics-style workout.

It saddens me to see Pilates classes across Melbourne taking the same route.

Instead of remaining true to the core principles of Pilates, there are many practitioners who are choosing to sacrifice precision for power and mindfulness for distraction. These classes use the systems that had been refined by Joseph Pilates to provide a comprehensive full-body workout alongside a heightened self-awareness, but are now intent on introducing loud disco music and dumbbells or weights.

For genuine Pilates practitioners, it creates a cumbersome dichotomy; the precise, controlled, focussed movements of Pilates with the practitioner’s mind clear and connected to the stillness and resistance they are experiencing, now used in the atmosphere you might see in an aerobics or Pump class. This new take on Pilates often comes with a costly price tag, as people purchase passes on a class-by-class basis (which can add up quickly!).

Pilates At Kaya

Here at Kaya, our instructors come highly accredited from Elixr School Of Pilates, Australia’s leading Pilates teacher training institute. Elixr School Of Pilates are constantly reviewing the latest research and findings in sports science and developing Pilates with this information, while remaining true to the core teachings and benefits that Pilates promises.

Pilates can be used as a form of remedial exercise thanks to the inherent resistance training that begins in an activated core and extends throughout the entire body, and our Kaya Pilates training courses can guide you through the fundamentals of the practice so you are completely comfortable with the movements. The Pilates at Kaya will continually develop and provide challenges to every member, no matter what level of experience of fitness you have. Our commitment to Pilates has been recognised by organisations from across Melbourne, such as The Australian Ballet, who train their bodies and minds here, at our Melbourne locations. We are glad to offer Australia’s talented dancers a space to exercise and unwind, and we welcome anyone else who wishes to care for their wellbeing in our ambient facilities.

Kaya Health Clubs is Melbourne’s leading health and lifestyle club, with over 240 classes available every week for our members and an extensive range of fitness equipment and lifestyle services. Come in and take a tour of our facilities and enquire about our pricing structure – we have a range of membership options to suit anyone.