Why 3d Animation And Graphic Design a Good Career Option?

Animation has become a feasible and mainstream career option today. High remunerations, career growth and an opportunity to showcase their creativity, a career in animation could be the right choice for today’s youth. With most commercial movies like Avatar, Baahubali, Kung Fu Panda, Ice Age etc being frenzy among people, the prospects of animation industry is very bright. Animatics artist Sydney create storyboards and style frames for a wide range of industry leading clients advertising an even wider range of prestigious products.

Animation is like bestowing life to a character or an object through designs, drawings, and creating graphically rich and attractive multimedia clips. For a person who is already in the industry it is a significant option to enhance their career by adding a few more of the latest tools and techniques to their repertoire. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Flash, CorelDraw, Autodesk 3D Max, Maya, Adobe Dreamweaver etc are all the basic software needed to be mastered in order to enter the vast field of animation.

Animation industry in India is poised to grow at an alarming rate. Earlier, India used to be an outsourcing destination, giving final touches for animated characters, storytelling or conceptualization. But companies like Pixar, Disney and DreamWorks Studios are looking at India in a bigger light and more substantial work. In addition to these we have our own upcoming animation studios like Red Chillies, VFX, Kathaa Animations, and Rhythm & Hues etc. It is a humongous industry and has generated great employment scope.

India has more than 300 animation studios, employing over 15,000 animation professionals. The gaming industry is one of the top patrons of animators. They are valued assets in almost every field like the Entertainment and Gaming industries, Advertising, Publishing, Mobile applications, Web designing, Engineering, Business – product promotions and marketing demos, Education, Virtual reality, Fashion and interior designing, Studios and training institutes, Medical, legal and insurance industry etc.

Career options for animators are aplenty with a wide range of profiles to choose from technology-based jobs such as scanning, compositing , digital ink and paint ,game designing etc to creative arts like visual-effects supervisors, character animators, 2 D and 3D Animators, Key Frame Animator, Character animator, Image Editor and Graphic designer, Modeller, Texture Artist, Layout Artist, Lighting artist , Background Artist – People with a good perception of camera angles, lighting and colours can get into any of these fields easily. Story Board Artist, Clean- up Artist, Rigging artist- In common parlance he is the person giving mobility to the 3d model by giving a skeletal system and joints. A Rendering artist combines models, textures, animation, lighting etc to produce the correct blend of individual frames of animation.

Animation is one of the highest paying jobs in the creative arena and is high in the job satisfaction quotient because of its creative freedom. Creativity and sketching skills and a passion for animation are the pre requisites for a career in animation. A degree or diploma in animation from a reputed institute is a value addition. Practical training is a fundamental part of any qualification. Students have to be equipped with technical knowledge along with problem solving skills. The basics have to be strong in order to create impressive content from original or imaginary characters. Web Designers have to be proficient in design tools like Flash, Action Scripting, html, CSS, PHP etc. A proper training and guidance from experts can be very advantageous in launching a career.